Paving has to be functional as well as looking good.
As with all natural stone products, there is a wide range of material types and surface finishes available which can make selecting the most suitable for your project a difficult choice.
Our knowledge and experience can be invaluable in assisting you. We can make sure that only the best, most appropriate materials are used to make enduring and beautiful areas that will give you years of pleasure./satisfction
Whatever look you want to achieve in designing you path or driveway, from contemporary to traditional designs, we have the choice and variation to make sure that the right product is used - from the precision and sophisticated finish of our diamond sawn flags: the raw rustic finish and feel to our gritstone: the weathered worn finishes of our Yorkstone: and the sparkle of the granite: we can help you choose the best most suitable material to make sure you are delighted with the project.
If you want to experiment and come up with new ideas or keep it simple by following the tried and tested methods, we can assist you in the design process, please contact us to discuss your project.
Flags Stacked & ready to go!
Diamond Sawn Millstone Grit,Paving, Steps & Edgings
A beatifully finisihed Moulded Tread in transit to its final position in front of the garden room
Self Faced Paving awaiting despatch
Flags Showing "the Rich Colours" Brown, buffs - through warm Greys 
A set of steps built with our split bed quarriedy rubble for dry stone walling, Pervaying a wonderful Rustic Charm!
Reclaimed paving neatley laid in courses
Granit Setts 200mm x 100mm with poured bituminus joints
Back Yard!
Riven paving flanked with Kerb Edgings
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